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Hotel, bars or all other kind of events.

Roel sings in other countries outside The Nederlands. He can be booked for 3 x 45 minutes or a full 60 minutes set of nonstop entertainment. Listen and look to te examples I have displayed on this website or other channels like Youtube, facebook or instagram.


Latest video on YouTube

His voice

He can to give a special moment an extra dimension Roel Thomas with his beautiful voice. Your wedding / wedding ceremony, reception, dinner , etc . will gain just that little bit extra. Book Roel Thomas with his warm voice and his all-round repertoire of easy listening, jazz and ballads used for every conceivable occasion.

Can adept to small spaces with small crowds or background music (lounge)
Broad allround repertoire
Sings Dutch, German and English
Sings in the crowd or from a stage
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He Sings

Whether it is a beautiful ballad during a wedding ceremony , easy listening or jazz at a dinner or reception, or a sensitive song during a funeral service , Roel Thomas adjusts its repertoire and sound according to your wishes. Incl.geluidsinstallatie to be drawn discreet.

Roel combines quality with class

This combination makes him used anywhere. A pleasant trained voice combined with excellent guitar game ensure that the overall musical level is very high . Roel Thomas features a wide round repertoire suitable for presentations , corporate events, weddings, etc . Roel Thomas can be booked for one set of 45 min or evening 4 x 45 minutes.

Ring of fire


You raise me up

Zanger voor diner dansant en gala avond

Entertainer of the people.

Not only as a musician or singer in the background making jazzy or instrumental beats and music. But also as a singer with class performing in a very high level of musicality. Exclusive dinners or events. Dinner shows or a evening with humor and music.

Zanger voor Valentijn Thema avond

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