Roel Thomas

Roel ThomasInternational

Hotels, bars, dancings or all other kind of events this singer can enhance with his act. From lounge to rockin' the house. With his voice tembre he'll match artists like Andrea Boccelli to the newer top 40 or classic top 100 songs.

A One Man Party Band


He can to give a special moment an extra dimension Roel Thomas with his beautiful voice. Your wedding, ceremony, reception, dinner , etc . will gain just that little bit extra of special ambiance. Book Roel Thomas with his warm voice and his all-round repertoire of easy listening, jazz and ballads used for every conceivable occasion.

Jazz and Soul-full male singer

He Sings Whether it is a beautiful ballad during a wedding ceremony, easy listening or jazz at a dinner or reception. Roel Thomas adjusts its repertoire and volume according to your wishes.